Friday, August 28, 2009

Horse Show Ribbons

Where are my horse show friends? Equus Villa? Five O'clock?
Sarah has been riding since she was four and showing since she was nine. She doesn't show all the time but does compete in several shows each year. She has accumulated quite a collection of ribbons over the past few years but I have always been at a loss as to what to do with them.
Recently, while working on her room it came to me out of the blue. She has a couple of walls in her room that are 'dead walls'. They're in areas where you really can't put furniture and artwork feels awkward. Odd walls and bags of show ribbons, hmmmmm....
I decided to hang the ribbons on the dead walls. I bought some black gimp at the local fabric store and stopped by my favorite upholsterer to pick up some tacks.
I measured the ribbons and the wall. I found that most hanging ribbons are about 14" long so I made the lengths of gimp 14" apart. I measured so that a tack would be at each end at at every foot between.
Then the show ribbons just hang on the gimp with the little metal clips on the back of the ribbon...
And the finished product! The only problem is, I'm going to have to go straight onto the other dead wall since this one didn't hold them all. Not a bad problem to have!


  1. It's brilliant! How wonderful for her to get see all of them. I'm now wishing one of my girls would ride!

    I have to say that applying my philosophy to food is a wonderful idea. I'm so glad you brought it up.

  2. I just know she was thrilled. My sister used to show horses. Her last horse passed away just a few weeks ago, he was 25 years old. We always had horses when I was growing up, bought them green and the fun was teaching them to be a times. thanks

  3. What a great idea! So creative...

    I just pust up a NEW POST! If you get a chance, stop by for a visit and say hi!
    Have a great day,

  4. Awesome!!! Looks so cool! Fantasic idea, that I think I'm going to have to steel! Thanks for posting.

  5. Hey J, nice to see you this morning. I like the beige colors, but I too have trouble with purple. I think of it as a kid's color, but love pink....have a great day.

  6. Great Post! Found it via Pinterest. I am absolutely going to do this! The one saggy fishing line I've got has got to go. If I do a blog post about ideas for ribbons, would you mind if I linked to you?

  7. I did something similar but used bulletin board liner and stapled it to the wall. It did the job, but I like this better. Heading to the craft store tonight to neaten this up.

  8. This sounds great for swimming or 4-H ribbons! Have to try! Thanks!☺

  9. Smoothing a ribbon is even easier. Put your iron on the lowest setting, cover the ribbon end with a thin cotton cloth and press lightly. Check every 5 seconds. Voila!