Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday morning

Inspired by Flea Market Style http://fleamarketstylemag.blogspot.com/, I decided to go to the Nashville flea market, take a walk and have a look around. I saw so much I could have spent a fortune. I only gave myself a small amount to spend and stuck to that. Let the dealing begin!

My favorite finds were these two old cameras. The kids thought they were the coolest ever and wanted to take pictures with them. Umm... Even if they worked can you get film for these? I also found this old box for $2.00. The seller wasn't sure what it was, he thought maybe it was a bait box. Does anyone know? It has a few nails inside of it.

I couldn't pass up this globe, I'd like to start a small collection. This one isn't very old, but it has Russia intact!
Doesn't everyone need a working, oscillating fan from the 1930's?
Or an old wooden cigar box? Love the latch.
How about a working lock and key? It's perfect on the cigar box sitting on the coffee table.

What about an old produce scale? We all need one of those don't we? For $2.50 I couldn't pass it up. Now I just have to figure out where to put it.
I hadn't visited the flea market in a long time. It was a nice was to get a different walk in.

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