Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Lately I've had a hankering for a small collection of antique gaming wheels. We have a large wall that is just screaming for some of these. Too bad I can't seem to find any for sale!
The nation's longest yard sale is this weekend and I'm going to drive straight past it. I wish it could be another weekend, I'd like to drive a few miles just to see if I could spot one of these.
Image -

Shopping around online, I thought I'd hit the motherload on but when I looked further, everything was sold! Who is out there buying all those gaming wheels? Anthropology?

This one is listed as sold on I love the worn details.

This horse racing wheel is so different, but was sadly already sold on Three Potato Four.

The zodiac wheel and the French wheel from, are nice but they aren't antiques. I think I want to hold out for the real thing.
I guess I could buy one of these and antique it myself. I'm going to search just a little longer.


  1. these are like those wonderful station clocks. I have never seen these before - so cute!!!!

    and I am NOT better than S.Accents.
    i am beyond sad today.

  2. Who knew these were so very popular! I like the horse racing wheel. I'm sure you've tried already, but figured I suggest Ebay.

  3. Hi ladies!

    I'm keeping an eye on Ebay but so far either they're very expensive or reproductions seemingly sold as 'vintage' for even more money than Amusement supply is selling them.

    The search goes on! Let me know if anyone finds some of these.