Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recording Camp

Here's some pics from Michael's recording camp this past week.
The guy pointing in the photo below is Schylar, Michael's music teacher.
The happy campers in the studio.

Sitting in the mixing room. Thomas is on the right there.

The mixing board...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Fun Saturday Afternoon

The day after the wedding, we had such a fun Saturday afternoon.
We stopped by Aunt Sue and Tom's elegant, eclectic house for some burgers, and laughs.

I love the birdbath in the side yard.
I think this is the best, most creative bird bath I've ever seen.
I wish I had one too.
Hanging out on the covered porch after lunch.
Sherri, Aunt Fran and Moma.

Sherri brought over several photo albums; we all had a great time looking at them.
Sarah enjoys the old pics on the porch swing.
The nice lunch, gentle talk, confortable lounge and live background music provided by Michael all served the perfect setting for Aunt Fran to take a nap. (She is going to KILL me!)

Michael spent the afternoon playing a medley of music for us as we all caught up with each other under the ceiling fans.

Of course Tom spiced up the conversations with his hilarious jokes.

That WAS the punch line!A very enjoyable afternoon.
I just realized I never got a shot of Aunt Sue that day, that sneak.

More Wedding Photos

Here's a few more photos taken by my cousin, Sherri Ballard.
Sherri was very thoughtful and efficient
getting these to me as quickly as she did.

The wedding cake.
The venue, Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist

The Happy Couple!
Little Sister Sarah

A great photo of Aunt Fran!

My cousin, Rob Quimby, Sherri's brother.
Uncle Tom! Probably in the middle of telling one of his hilarious jokes.
No one can tell them better.
Lovely photo of Aunt Sue!
Aunt Fran and Uncle BillThe two Mikes. Helen and Clark Meredith. Helen is looking really good at 92!

Joe and Chrissy's Wedding!!

The big day finally arrived!
June 20th, 2008
Joe and Christina's wedding
We were all treated to a lovely, sweet ceremony on a beautiful day at the
Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church

Here's the family for a quick line up before the wedding began.
From left to right there's Mike, Michael, Nana (my mom, Marie),
Joe, Me and Sarah

Here's Joe looking pretty darned snazzy in his suit.
All dressed up and ready to go.
Walking down the aisle on the arm of her uncle, Steve McCarty,
Christina certainly looked a vision in her dress.
She is such a gorgeous girl inside and out.
We're so lucky and grateful to have her in our family.

Joe and Chrissy exchanged rings during a beautiful service performed by
Minister Emeritus Howard Box

Later, in the church reception hall,
Joe and Chrissy cut the wedding cake.
It was lovely.

The happy couple during their first dance as
Mr. & Mrs. Fitts.
Sarah, Michael and my cousin Sherri are in the audience.

It was a great day and a fun filled evening.

Congratulations Joe and Christina!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


It's Steeplechase Time in Tennessee!

Mike and Sarah went to Steeplechase this year.
Here they are looking very Steeplechase-y.

Don't they look great?! So does the yard! (Kidding)
It's hard to get a photo of Michael these days. He is always on the run,but he stopped off at home long enough for his 14th birthday party.
This picture is kind of odd since it looks like Ian's head is on Michael's shoulder. Michael Kelly is there to the right.

Smile for the camera Michael.
Happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday to you...

Happy 14th Birthday Michael.

More photos of Roger

Yes, I am still missing Roger, that plucky little horse.
I was just looking at some old photos of him...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Roger gets a new home

Roger left us yesterday for I'm sure even greener pastures. It was a very sad day, but we just couldn't keep two. Another little girl will instantly fall in love with him I'm sure. He's a loveable kind of guy. We were lucky to have him for the two years that we did.

Sarah and Roger at a Brownland show last year.

Also Sarah, Mum, Pop and Roger at the same show after a first place in the ring. We can't wait to see Mum and Pop again this fall. Hopefully they will have the opportunity to go to a show while they're here.

To see Roger in action, click on this link for a clip of him with Sarah at the Kentucky National show last fall.

Time to try some photos.

I started too late last night to figure out the photo thing and I think I still have a way to go, but here are some photos of Sarah and Moe during their first week of training together.
Special thanks to Susu Raymond for the wonderful photos. We are always so grateful to Susu for all the fantastic pictures she takes at each horse show.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Very First Entry!

Hi all! I am very new at this so please be patient.

Once I figure out how to post photos I'll be sure to put up some new ones of Sarah and Moe.