Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Fun Saturday Afternoon

The day after the wedding, we had such a fun Saturday afternoon.
We stopped by Aunt Sue and Tom's elegant, eclectic house for some burgers, and laughs.

I love the birdbath in the side yard.
I think this is the best, most creative bird bath I've ever seen.
I wish I had one too.
Hanging out on the covered porch after lunch.
Sherri, Aunt Fran and Moma.

Sherri brought over several photo albums; we all had a great time looking at them.
Sarah enjoys the old pics on the porch swing.
The nice lunch, gentle talk, confortable lounge and live background music provided by Michael all served the perfect setting for Aunt Fran to take a nap. (She is going to KILL me!)

Michael spent the afternoon playing a medley of music for us as we all caught up with each other under the ceiling fans.

Of course Tom spiced up the conversations with his hilarious jokes.

That WAS the punch line!A very enjoyable afternoon.
I just realized I never got a shot of Aunt Sue that day, that sneak.

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