Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yes, I changed the blog. I felt like playing around a little and switching things up. I've had the dots for a long time and felt like going minimal for a while. I hope you like the new, fresh look.

I also changed the name since I don't post daily, Dunne's Daily News seemed odd. I fully intended to post daily but life gets in the way. I love to blog. It not only helps me keep in touch with friends and family, it brings new friends to me, plus reading other's blogs are a huge source of inspiration and entertainment.

Thanks to everyone who follows me, both public and private, you guys mean a lot. Be sure to check out some of my favorite blogs listed below!


  1. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for the comment on my post earlier this week!
    It's good to change the blog from time to time , I think.
    I love following your blog!


  2. What a cute blog u have!! thanks for following my blog! sorry it took so long to give the thanks but if u read my last post u'll understand i cant wait to get to know u!!

  3. I like your fresh new look. I have always tried to keep my blog very simple. I don't even have a blog list...but thanks for having me on yours! I loved your comment today...smiles

  4. This was my first visit and I will be back!