Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Before and After

Here are some more before and after of the new house.
This is the smallest of the upstairs bedrooms which has become a secondary makeshift office. The yellow is gone and new carpet installed.
And After.
This was the guest room before. Bright blue walls and ceiling, old off white short pile carpet.
And now, a soft parchment color wash is on the walls, a creamy ceiling and new mocha frise carpet. The drapes are being lengthened, so the rods will be remounted almost all the way to the ceiling. We went ahead and hung them lower for the time being since this is on the east side of the house and a very bright room in the mornings. The bath for this room was all blue like the bedroom but that has been redone in Ben Moore's Sea Glass.

The powder room before. Heavy craft paper glued to the wall, painted red and then aged with a dark brown glaze over the top. This was very hard to remove. This is a small room under the stairs without a window. It was very dark and very red. Also the vanity was dark wood with flowers painted on it.
The powder room now. Cream venetian plaster, troweled over a sea blue painted base with a earth brown wax over the top. I'm not completely satisfied with this room it's a little busy. I'll probably redo the wax in the future. The vanity still needs it's new knobs installed here.The back stairs off the bonus room. You don't see a lot of difference in the photos.

Before: Yellow paint, walls and ceiling! Maple finished stairs and oak banisters.
Mocha on the walls really warmed the room up. The stairs, like the other hardwood was refinished to a dark walnut. I refinished the banisters with a faux finish product and then hand waxed them with Liberon.
Sarah's bathroom before:
A pink lovers dream. Too bad Sarah likes blue.
Sarah's bathroom after.
A soft turquoise on the walls with a graphic black and white morrocan trellis on the ceiling. The black white and turquois reflect the colors of the bedroom, which isn't finished yet.The ceiling.
More of the front office.
Before, this is the only shot I have. Yellow walls, yellow ceiling, same as all the rest of the house.
The walls are Ralph Lauren Suede, I believe Mesa Verde. The ceiling is Porter's Jute.
Another shot of the office. The wall hanging there was an old ceiling medallion I retrieved on a job at Dolly Parton's sister's old house. I filled in the hole and faux finished it with a rusted iron finish. It looks like it weighs 100 lbs.

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