Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Curtains for the bedroom

After a long wait, we now have new curtains for the bedroom.
Just to remind, the below photo was the bedroom when we bought the house. Yellow, yellow everywhere and old off white carpet.
While there is still plenty to do in the bedroom, lovely linen graces the windows. No more blinds!
At first the plan was to just shirr them on the rods. They looked lovely, however, they didn't move at all unless you climbed up onto a ladder and pulled them across. Not very practical. So rings had to be sewn on, now they move great.

The curtains before the rings. I love the way the light comes through in the mornings. Often I don't even open them the room is so bright.
They look great with the Serwin Williams Chatroom on the walls and Porter's Jute on the ceiling.
There are some other things to take care of. While they worked in the old house, the bedside lamps are too small for the scale of this room. I also need to find something for over the bed and I'm keeping an eye out for a gorgeous Belgian chandelier to replace the ceiling fan with.

I wish we could have a big plush carpet in this room, it would ground everything so well. However, as long as we have the lovely Max there will be no carpet.

Special thanks to Aunt Sue, seamstress extraordinaire. She made the gorgeous curtains for me, they're perfect. I can't wait to hang the sunroom curtains, hopefully the rods will be ready soon.


  1. Such a creative way to bring in the light with sheers while incorporating a pattern to tie in the colours of the room as well!!

  2. wow is all one can say... love your bedroom, the windows are to die for. Wanted to come by and welcome you to my blog. Please don't be a stranger!

  3. Your house is gorgeous! I'm so glad you visited me so I could come by and see it.

  4. Your house sure was yellow before you came along!! Great job!