Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

As much as we love the beach, I think at least for Sarah and myself, the barn is still our favorite place. Well, Moe isn't at the beach. We might feel differently if that were the case.

Sarah and Moe work on their equitation.
Do you have treats?
I'm finished, I should get treats now.

Finally! Treats!
Moe gets to 'lick the bowl'.
His spots get so dark in the summer he looks like a different horse.
No Moe, you ate the last of the treats.
That trunk smells like treats...
After the barn we went to Puckett's to get a drink and pick up some home made foaccia bread. We saw this really cool car. Not sure what the make is but it was in perfect condition.
After Puckett's we stopped by the fireworks stand to get a few bits and pieces for the evening. Sarah was annoyed with me since all I wanted to get was "baby stuff" like tanks and spinners.
While we were there we met these two adorable puppies. They are ten weeks old here. They are going to be huge! Of course Sarah fell in love and wanted to take the quiet one home with her. Um, not happening, sorry.
This one was especially sweet and cuddly. I'd love to have a Bernese Mountain Dog, but we already have two more dogs than we need at the moment. Other people's puppies are always fun to hold.
Later in the day the rain moved in. Glen and Marla came over for dinner and to celebrate the 4th with us. Mike and Glen ended up grilling in the rain. It was a fun day though. Hope your's was good too!

Ah! Here's the video! This is Sarah and Moe the next day practicing their equitation. After the rains of the night before, Moe decided to roll in the mud. He isn't looking his prettiest here.

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