Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This year we had quite the crew for Spring Break. There were 8 of us in all and it was a lot of fun. Michael and Sarah each brought two friends. Michael brought Ian and Michael and Sarah brought Harliegh and Delaney.
The weather was great the whole time we were there.
It was cold a couple of days but at least it was sunny.
The boys did their traditional busking at Seaside.
There is a video of them at the bottom of this post. For some reason the videos downloaded at the end.
The girls did a lot of bike riding...

And beach walking.
The lovely and talented Miss Sarah...
Cool picture of Delaney. Good job Sarah.

Sarah and Delaney.
Harliegh seemed to avoid a lot of photos...

The three girls, Harleigh, Delaney and Sarah.
Two of the three Michaels...
Do you have to take my picture?
Michael D. and Michael K.
Really Mom...
The boys at the beach.

Football on the beach. Just click the play button.

Busking at Seaside.

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