Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July at the beach!

This year's 4th of July trip to the beach was a lot of fun. Sarah's friends, Annie, Emily and Cat were all already at the beach so Michael's friends, Ian and Michael Kelly went down with us.
As usual, our early riser Mike, got everyone up and in the car and by 5am we were well on our way.
This is the first photo of the trip, just as the sun is rising. The dogs were awake but Sarah was still snoozing away.

Later, Max felt he needed a nap but the daylight was too bright for him so he put on his sleep mask

Sarah and Michael - I guess the family resemblance goes farther than the hair.
The next day on the way home from the movies - all the kids including Emily Raymond who came back to the house with us afterwards.

It's a family tradition to go go-kart racing.
Here's Michael.
Mike with Emily Raymond.

And Sarah.
All the kids also had a great time with the boat. It stayed inflated this trip.
The girls - Emily, Sarah and Annie.

And the boys, Ian, Michael and Michael. Michael Kelly is in the middle there behind Ian.

The end of a good boating day. Michael Kelly, Michael and Ian.
Fourth of July fun! Here's a few of the boys messing around on the beach before fireworks.

Los Tres Amigos

Michael Kelly and Ian Baker

I think this is their take on a new Chili Peppers album cover...

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